How to start a project, what is the order of cooperation?

Send information on the project to Telegram or Email. After a preliminary assessment of the project, you will receive an answer, usually within one day.

The budget is calculated based on the current cost of an hour and the development time — based on the current workload for other tasks. If the preconditions are beneficial to you, we agree on the time of the call in Telegram.

During the call, we agree on the details of the project and the general approach to cooperation. If in the end we come to a common understanding on all issues, we make a decision on cooperation.

We sign an agreement, pay for the first stage of work — the project is accepted for development.


What determines the project development time?

The development time for most projects is one to three months. Depends on the volume of the project, the time and number of approvals, the relevance and timeliness of content provision.

In my work, I am guided by the priority of meeting deadlines. To do this, I clarify in advance all significant issues on the project. And I do not stop work, waiting for the solution of insignificant issues that drag out the project.

For example, if some of the relevant content for a section of the site is not ready, the section will be created using conditional, relevant content. Or, the content and functionality of the page are not definitively determined, then it will be developed based on my experience and using the best practices in a similar direction.


What is the scope of the coordination and revision of the project?

I work directly with a person authorized to independently make decisions on project development. This minimizes decision-making time and ensures that the main idea of ​​the project is not distorted. The rest of the team can be connected to resolve secondary issues.

If we have agreed on cooperation, then you have familiarized yourself with my portfolio and accept my style and principles of work as suitable for your business. You trust my experience as a designer and developer. And I trust your knowledge, in the field of your business, and I am interested in the success of the project — as in my own.

The result of this division of areas of responsibility is compliance with deadlines and a guarantee that the project will not dwell on subjective issues of aesthetics and will be successfully implemented.


What is a completed project?

The completed project is your new, configured and web-based Webflow site. A set of mockups of the visual component of your brand in the Figma online service.


What functionality do Webflow sites have?

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